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Game 11 Anthem: Syracuse

Perhaps you've noticed that a lot of people show up to Syracuse basketball games. They hold the NCAA record for the largest on-campus attendance for a basketball game, and they travel well to a lot of Big East road games too. So it's no surprise that people from upstate New York who are sick and tired of snow would come down in huge numbers for a February game in Tampa. USF even moved this game to the St. Pete Times Forum so they could sell more tickets. This is almost like a fundraiser.

Unfortunately, that's going to leave Bulls fans feeling a bit... outnumbered among all the pasty, doughy Orange fans who are going to descend on downtown Tampa today. That's why we're dedicating this one to you, the beleaguered Bulls basketball fan.

Today's queefcore anthem is "The Loneliest Person I Know" by Splender. We understand -- rooting for this team is like a flag in the wind that won't blow, or a blade in the grass that won't grow. But the Bulls have beaten the Orange in Tampa before. (In basketball.) Maybe it will happen again today. We'll see.


The Loneliest Person I Know by Splender (via shcuise)