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Best of the Bull-ogosphere: Janurary 31-February 7

- Not USF related, but I wanted to share this article from our Wake Forest blog Blogger So Dear. Wake's baseball coach Tom Walter gave a kidney to one of his baseball players after his family could not find a match. This hit home because my family is going through the same process right now. Take 5 minutes and red up on this heroic act.

- The UConn Blog has posted this week's edition of the Big East Power Rankings, and USF comes in at 15th place. All I can say is thank God for DePaul.

- The Morsani Practice Facility opened its doors yesterday, and from just taking a look at some of the pictures, it looks like everyone is enjoying the new practice fields. If you guys remember the old practice fields for football, they were behind the softball stadium and probably a good quarter mile away from the Athletics Building. Thankfully for the players, the new fields are right next to the locker rooms. B.J. Daniels appreciates the new location too,

"We walked outside today and right onto the field. It's right next to the building, so we don't have to worry about walking down to the old fields. I can't wait to actually get out there and practice on them."

- I didn't know that WR recruit Alex Mut tore his ACL two weeks before National Signing Day, but Coach Holtz was not going to take back the scholarship after Mut was his first commitment of this class. Joe Smith caught up with Holtz, and he said Alex's commitment to the program and not looking at other schools sealed the deal,

"All I need is a, "Coach, I want to end it, I want to be a Bull,' you shake your hand and we're done. I don't care what happens. I don't care if you walk out that door and an alligator bites your foot. You're a Bull, and that scholarship is there to educate you. You believed in this place enough to make that verbal commitment. I believe that strongly my word is our bond."

If that doesn't tell you about the type of guy Coach Holtz is, then I don't know what else to say. With what happened to Armwood WR A.J. King and Purdue, I think a lot of high school coaches in the area will be more receptive to USF when we step on their campus.

- Your USF Related YouTube of the Week. This probably won't happen Wednesday, but we thought the same thing two years ago.

- Congrats to Mistral Raymond for being named MVP of the Dixie Gridiron Classic. Skinny had 7 tackles, an interception, and 2 forced fumbles to lead the Mountain Team over the Pacific Team. Mistral is a great Bull, and I hope he gets a chance to shine at the next level.

- Track & Field has a very productive meet at Penn State over the weekend, as 19 Bulls acheived PRs at the Sykes-Sabock Meet, while Sr. Pole Vaulter Stephanie Duffy achieved a meet record vault of 13 '6-1/2". The Big East Championships are next for the Track team.

- Joe Smith is reporting that USF QB Coach Peter Vaas is being considered for the Boston College Offensive Coordinator position. We've done a great job keeping the staff together this offseason, but if there's a BCS coordinator position available to him I can't fault Coach Vaas for applying.