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USF-Marquette Postgame Reaction


This is about where we are right now. If USF basketball is the movie Groundhog Day, tonight's game was the point where Phil tries to kill himself repeatedly to end the pain, and even THAT doesn't work.

It would take thousands of words to try and describe the last minute of that game. I won't even try it other than to say it was the most USF ending I've ever seen, and that's covering dozens of horrible, painful, agonizing losses.

Just remember this: In the movie, after Phil realized he couldn't take the easy way out, he finally decided to fundamentally change who he was as a person. If USF doesn't do that now with its basketball program (this goes way beyond just firing coaches, I mean they need to totally start over again from top to bottom and rethink every single thing they do as a program), then they never will.

For further reading, I suggest GarySJ's epic rant in the GameThread. It's like this post, except better.