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Game 17 Anthem: Pittsburgh

As we said at the outset of this season-long theme, Queefcore music is all about bros feeling emotions. And in the competitive world of college sports, nothing brings out the emotions of the team like Senior Day.

It is a ritual played out at every school across the nation, once every year. The day of the final regular season home game, there will be a brief ceremony in which each senior will be introduced at center court. The player's parents will be present; sometimes they'll be announced as "accompanied by." The stadium announcer will introduce the player with all the gusto he can muster. If there's a video board, a career highlight reel will be played. There may be an inspirational fanfare. The honored player will run the usual pre-game gauntlet of high-fiving warmup-clad teammates, though much more emotionally than usual. The player will receive a tasteful but inexpensive memento from the university, usually a framed jersey or photo, which he will awkwardly hold up for all to see. The fans, who will probably number more than usual, will applaud appreciatively. There will be hugs, and sometimes tears.

Tonight, in this way, we will honor Jarrid Famous. A big man who wore the green and gold with distinction, played an important part for one of the best teams in school history, and has one of the coolest names ever.

In honor of Jarrid Famous, we dedicate today's anthem, "Good" by Better Than Ezra. It's a song about an ending, but also a fond recalling of good times with someone who can't be with you anymore. So maybe we'll call, or write you a letter. Maybe we'll see on the Fourth of July. But I'm not too proud to say a-ah..... it was goooooooooood.