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Shedrick Haynes To Transfer From USF Basketball

With Houston PG Anthony Collins committing to Coach Stan Heath and the basketball team Saturday, it left USF in the precarious position to have 14 scholarship athletes with only 13 scholarships available. Most figured that a point guard would leave the program, and after Greg Auman tweeted that Shedrick Haynes declared himself a "free agent" on Facebook, Adam Adkins of the Tampa Tribune was able to confirm that Haynes will not return to USF for his senior season.

Haynes never found a consistent spot in the rotation after transferring from Lackawanna College, and only averaged 6 minutes, 1.1 points, and .7 assists in 25 contests this season. Haynes' inability to hang onto the basketball might have been his greatest undoing, as his .7 A/T ratio left him as more of an emergency SG than anything. You could tell that Haynes was pretty much gone after the Anthony Crater injury, as Mike Burwell and LaVonte Dority were chosen ahead of Haynes to go out there before playing the last few minutes of the season.

With only one season of eligibility left, Haynes will have to go to a Division II school like Eckerd or Florida Southern to play immediately next season.

We at Voodoo Five wish Shedrick the best, and hope he does well his senior season.