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USF Spring Roundup: Day 1

The football team started their sring practice yesterday, and we finally get to see how the Bulls will shake out in 2011. Let's jump into it.

- There will be a number of players out this spring due to injuries. CB Ricardo Dixon, SS Jerrell Young, OL Jake Kaufman, WR Lindsey Lamar, RB Bradley Battles, and TE Jeff Hawkins will miss spring practice according to USF's official Twitter feed. We hope that everyone comes back 100% and will be ready for the fall.

- After's report on arrests and athletes, Adam Adkins asked Skip Holtz on USF's process on incoming recruits. Very good read.

- If you're interested in who's starting right now, Greg Auman has it covered for you.

- GoUSFBulls has a great photo gallery of practice yesterday. The new Morsani Practice Facility turned out great, and it looks like the white helmets will the primary helmet again this season.

- It's Darrell Scott! He really does exist! Good interview by Greg Auman.

- Greg also reported that around 60 walk-ons are vying for a couple of roster spots in the fall. Hopefully someone will become the next Mistral Raymond or Jacob Sims from this group. Good luck guys!

- Adam Adkins is talking about a game that is six months away. No big deal.