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Bulls Recon: Bearcats Blog Talks Cincinnati Basketball

Who's ready for part one of a two-part Bulls Recon with a couple of respected Cincinnati bloggers? First up is our friend Scott over at Bearcats Blog (and also defending Protect Your Unit champion). In this special Big East tournament edition of Bulls Recon, we talk about his rooting interest in last night's game, Sean Kilpatrick, and how next year's Bearcats squad looks.


1. We thank you for your rooting interest last night. Did you think USF was the better matchup for you tonight?

Using hindsight, no, because good lord the wheels sure came off for Villanova. I think that the Bearcats would have had a good chance at beating them. The Bulls played the Bearcats pretty tight, tighter than most probably remember, in Cincinnati. The Bearcats match up better with the Bulls though, because the Bulls offense can be contained by the Bearcats defense. If the Bearcats can keep teams from scoring, they can win games. I'm worried about the emotional high USF is coming off. That win was fantastic.  

2. Sean Kilpatrick had a monster night against us the last time we met. How is he doing this year?

Sean has been very solid. He's the top scoring option off the bench. He was second on the team in points in Big East play. He's one of those microwave guys. He can come off the bench and hit a couple of three pointers, or he can come off the bench and not be effective. He's the best 3 point shooter on the team. When he's making shots, UC is hard to beat. 

3. How is Cincinnati looking next year?

The Bearcats have most of their core back next season. The only starters who won't return will be Ibrahima Thomas, who was not effective, and Rashad Bishop, who is really going to be missed. In UC circles, he was the Big East defensive player of the year. The Bearcats have a very good class coming in next season, highlighted by ESPN top 100 prospect Shaquille Thomas. The class is full of wing players and guards.  

4. Finally, how do you think the game will end up tonight?

Obviously as a Cincinnati homer, I think the Bearcats will win. Trying to be neutral, I still think Cincinnati will win. I think the game is going to be close. The Bulls can play defense, and they outrebounded Cincinnati earlier this season. With the way the Bulls fought back and won last night, I don't think they can be counted out. I see a score in the low 70s, 73-67 or something.


Thanks again to Scott for taking care of this on such short notice. Head over to Bearcats Blog for my answers to his questions, and make sure to follow him on Twitter.