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Game 20 Anthem: Cincinnati

Crater taketh away, and Crater giveth.
Crater taketh away, and Crater giveth.

Oh, we get to do another one of these?

Hopefully you're following all of us on Twitter already. If you do, you were treated to meKen, and Toro having a series of conniptions as Anthony Crater did Anthony Crater things for two hours during last night's game. (Gary wasn't tweeting last night but I'm guessing he did the same things in front of a TV somewhere.) By the middle of the second half, even Jay Bilas sounded like he was tired of watching Crater trying to play point guard. He's lucky, though, because that's the first time Bilas has had to watch USF play in quite awhile. Meanwhile, we're getting ready for our 33rd game of the season, and trust us: it doesn't get better with more exposure.

And that's the big point we want to make. Last night's game was a thrill. At long last, USF was able to break through against a team not named DePaul or Providence. They came back from 16 points down at the half, and for what seems like the first time in eons, someone made a clutch play to get the win. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. The Bulls still aren't a good team -- with the win over Villanova, their record improved to a whopping 10-22. The Wildcats were banged up coming into the game; then they got into serious foul trouble down the stretch. And even though Crater made the two biggest baskets of the game, he's still not really up to the challenge of running the point on a Big East basketball team.

Yet there we all were shouting at our TVs last night as USF finished off the upset. Which made picking today's anthem pretty easy.

Today's queefcore anthem is "All For You" by Sister Hazel. It's a song about a bro worrying about whether he and his significant other have a future together, but despite his worries, he's still as committed as he can be to their relationship. That's how we feel right now. No matter what happens the rest of the week, there's going to be some upheaval with this team over the summer, and we might be saying tough goodbyes to some players we've come to know pretty well over the last few years. But as long as USF is still alive this season (or any season), we're going to be rooting like hell for all of them to succeed. Even if they drive us crazy.

Sister Hazel - All for You [Full Band Version] (via mawrazen)