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Practice Roundup: Spring Football Is Over, And No One Was Grievously Injured!

That was definitely the biggest win from Saturday's Green and Gold Bowl at the USF Track & Field Stadium. Everyone who started the game finished the game, and it was a pretty good show.

The prediction was that this scrimmage it would look a lot like last year's scoreboard-filling spring game, and from what Toro told me the defenses were pretty vanilla, even though there were some strong individual efforts. The teams switched colors at halftime so you can't really say who won, but the final score was 27-23. B.J. Daniels had a better game this week, and both Demetris Murray and Darrell Scott ran the ball well for their respective teams.

I'm putting together a separate story for SB Tampa Bay about the breakout players from spring practice, so in the meantime, here's what everyone else had to say after the Green and Gold Bowl.

-- Greg Auman has some video from Skip Holtz and Daniels. Holtz was relatively happy with the offenses in yesterday's game, although he continues to be concerned about the wide receivers. This could be a position to watch in fall practice, because at this rate the three incoming freshmen at wideout (Andre Davis, Ruben Gonzalez, and Alex Mut) may get a chance to contribute right away.

Said Holtz: 

"I don't think we competed very well at receiver. We had two or three interceptions with opportunities to compete for it at receiver. On the positive side, our quarterbacks actually gave them a chance to catch it, where a week ago we threw it 20 yards over everybody's heads."

-- Despite a calf injury in last week's spring game, Darrell Scott returned to action on Saturday and ran for 75 yards on 11 carries. Scott has performed well this spring and certainly made a case for himself being part of the running back rotation with Demetris Murray.

-- Adam Adkins had another piece about the play of Deonte Welch and Terrence Mitchell at wide receiver.

-- Phil Neary at also had some notes from the scrimmage, and Athletics doesn't even need their now-illegal Rivals subscriptions to see them.