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Big East Expansion Round-Up

There's been a lot of fallout from the Big East's decision to delay a vote on Villanova's attempt to move up from FCS to the Big East over the weekend. Let's take a look around the blogosphere to see how everyone is reacting to the news.

Naturally, Villanova fans were not happy about being temporary left at the altar after waiting for a decision for seven months. The Nova Blog rightfully puts blame on both the Villanova administration for not having an incomplete proposal at the conference call and the Big East schools, who knew for months that PPL Park was the only long-term option for Wildcat football.

Our Rutgers site On The Banks has carried the anti-Villanova banner since the beginning, and after the delay and subsequent media backlash from the Philadelphia media on Pitt and Rutgers, wanted to finally see the Big East split in two. OtB also pointed out that school officials who have been under a gag order from Providence throughout the whole process are starting to talk at least a little bit.

Meanwhile in Orlando, Mike Bianchi said Mike Bianchi things, which of course angered Villanova fans. (The comments are hilarious) And our friends at The Bull Rush are riding the "No to UCF" platform, and takes a couple of jabs at Bianchi while they are at it.

Chaz over at Pitt Blather has a quality post on why UCF isn't as sought out as TCU was with expansion. He hits the nail on the head with this one.

Getting TCU was different. The Big East’s recent slippage in football necessitated the reaching out to the geographically awkward Horned Frogs. UCF offers none of that. They are a promising program, but no history and definitely not there yet. Plus, with 9 teams, that puts the conference games up to 8. A full slate, and one less non-con to schedule. Making sure that each team always has 4 home conference games every year.

Sean over at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician puts his spin on the entire saga, and once again Sean shows why he is one of the best out there.

Finally, we go back to Chris at The Nova Blog, who talked about the main sticking point about this whole mess, PPL Park. From the looks of it, if there is a plan in place to expand PPL to 30,000 seats, and Villanova is fine with the financial impact, it looks like Nova will have the votes needed in place to move up to the Big East.