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Best of the Bull-ogosphere: April 19-25

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Actually a lot of news we didn't get to while Ken was cranking out all those expansion updates. Let's take care of that now.

-- Spencer Boyd, Dontae Aycock, Darrell Scott... Chris Dunkley? The former Gators WR and former five-star recruit is looking to transfer after being released from his scholarship in Gainesville, and according to his coach from Pahokee High School, the awesomely-named Blaze Thompson, USF is "at the top of the list":

"A lot of schools have expressed interest in him, but USF is the only one he has actually visited. They're interested in him, and he had asked me to look into them as well."

Both Auman and Adam Adkins mention that Dunkley's grades have been a red flag, but Thompson says they should be high enough to keep him eligible. I don't like to get too excited about transfer rumors. Still, Dunkley is a) talented and b) plays a position USF needs some help at, even if he wouldn't be eligible in 2011. So we'll see.

-- Speaking of receivers, THISGUY taped his QB Camp shows on USF's new practice fields last week, and the Bulls receiving corps was on hand to take passes from some of the NFL Draft's top passing prospects -- Andy Dalton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, and Cam Newton. The shows have been airing across the ESPN networks for the last week or so and will continue to be televised up until Thursday night's NFL Draft.

-- Remember Waverly Austin? He had committed to the Bulls basketball team back in 2009, but he didn't qualify academically and was forced to go to junior college. Now that Austin has turned into a quality juco player, putting up an 18 and 10 with 3.8 blocks per game at Palm Beach State College, USF is after him again. But so are a lot of big names in college basketball, like Texas, Kansas, Washington, and West Virginia, to name a few. It will be interesting to see if USF's pre-existing relationship with him and the new facilities can help bring Austin back to Tampa now that the competition for him is stronger than before.

-- Even more recruiting news -- George Kiefer is bringing in some top-notch talent after what was a disappointing season by the men's soccer team's recent standards, while Ken Eriksen is already stashing away talent for future softball teams (yes, that's two separate softball recruiting articles), and Claire Lessinger scored a Belgian outside hitter for the volleyball team.

-- Congratulations to women's golfer Shena Yang for earning her second straight individual berth in the NCAA regionals. Yang had seven top-10 finishes on the year and finished fifth at the Big East championships, where USF finished third overall as a team.

-- On the men's golf side, the Bulls finished fourth at the Big East championships, and if that doesn't sound like a big deal, well actually it is. Golf is another one of those sports where USF should never have bad teams, just because of where they are and the access to talented young golfers, but they had been really struggling since leaving Conference USA. Fourth place is a nice uptick in their success after only one year of coach Chris Malloy's tenure. And this should help both golf teams build on their success -- USF received a $1.3 million pledge for an indoor golf practice facility to be built at The Claw.

-- Yeah... baseball. Now Lelo's not happy with his pitching. This should end well. (This will not end well.)

-- I put this at the end since it's not really USF-related, but I enjoyed the post from Brian Bennett's ESPN blog about how much havoc the weather has wreaked on spring practices across the Big East. Most teams not named USF have lost practices or been forced to hold spring games in less-than-ideal conditions. Gee, that's a tough thing, isn't it?