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USF/Kansas, USF/West Virginia, And Possibly The Greatest Bulls Sports Weekend Ever

We talked about it earlier in the Bull-ogosphere post, but I'm excited about the opportunity for our basketball team to play Kansas in Lawrence on December 3. Just for the opportunity to visit a historic place like Allen Fieldhouse and play a quality team like the Jayhawks should be more than enough reason to make the trip. But more than that, it could be part of a three-day adventure for the ages for any Bulls fan.

On Thursday night (December 1), USF football will play West Virginia in what might be the de facto Big East championship game in Tampa. USF has had success beating the Mountaineers at Raymond James before. With a possible lockout, and the certain bandwagon fans shoving their Gator or Seminole gear into the closet and putting on the green and gold as they suddenly remember they went to USF, it should be a great time. Throw in the horde of fans WVU always brings, it will be an atmosphere that we haven't seen since... well, WVU in 2007.

Because we all know that USF wins the Big East, you don't even worry about the contest. After the fight song is played and Skip lifts the trophy, you head out to the establishment of your choice to celebrate the first BCS berth in school history. Once you and your liver wake up from the debauchery of the previous night, you head off to TIA for Part Two of your journey.

Its about an hour drive to get to Lawrence from Kansas City after landing, but you don't mind because you're going to one of the five places you need to go as a college basketball fan*. With the history, the championships, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, it might be the perfect place to watch a basketball game. The fact that you have a rooting interest in it should make the experience even better. Will Stan and the team lose? Probably. But #JAWANZA will be coming home, Victor Rudd looks like the real deal, and if Anthony Collins can be a Brian Swift or Chris Howard on the Chuckycrater, maybe they have a puncher's chance.

Throw in a possible postseason run by either soccer team or the volleyball team, and this could be the greatest weekend in USF history.

And I already know Toro is going to do this exact trip, so we can blog it afterwards.

*The other four are the Palestra, Cameron Indoor, Pauley Pavilion, and Assembly Hall in Bloomington. The Sun Dome is number 73.