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Update On Last Saturday's Bulls Vision Issues

I got a note from Jeremy Sharpe, USF's sports information director, about the problems Bulls Vision experienced during last Saturday's spring game. I asked if I could share some of it with you, and he agreed:

We wanted to apologize to you for our lack of execution in streaming the USF Football Spring Game on Saturday, April 2. In preparation for the game, we, as a staff, felt like we had taken the necessary steps to have the streaming process in place. When we arrived at the stadium on Saturday morning, we found that the Internet connection required to successfully stream video, while active, was not strong enough to push the video. We were very disappointed, as we’re sure you were as well, that we would not be able to successfully stream the game...

The note (which went to quite a few people, as it turns out) goes on to offer a $50 credit to Bulls Heaven, USF Athletics' official Web retailer. That's quite a make-good, especially when you consider Bulls Vision only costs $10.95 a month, so credit due to Athletics for their effort to make amends.