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Stampeding Through The Roster (Addendum): The Best #97 In Program History

Since we didn't do a "best ever" post for the currently unassigned #97 on the 97th day from Notre Dame, we will do so now. Yes, it's the obvious candidate. The best #97 in Bulls history is the recently graduated Terrell McClain.

McClain earned playing time as a true freshman in USF's great 2007 season, playing in 12 games and making 8 tackles. He contributed a QB hurry in the epic upset of Auburn, and played in the equally epic home win against West Virginia. (Some day we'll all remember that season a lot more fondly than we do now.)

McClain took over as starter in 2008, contributing 81 tackles and 7.5 sacks over his three seasons as starter. The solid run stopper was chosen a higher than expected  #65 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft; fifth-highest ever among USF players (tied with Jerome Murphy, who went #65 in 2010).

You can read a recent interview with Terrell.

Honorable Mention: We'll do an Honorable Mention for any unassigned number where there's a worthy candidate. And for #97, there is: "Uncle Ron" Johnson, a defensive tackle from 1998-2000. Johnson holds a USF record that will never be broken: he is the oldest person to ever play football for the Bulls. Born in 1972, he served in the military before enrolling at USF in 1997, and walking onto the inaugural team (though he didn't play until 1998). He eventually earned a scholarship and played in 17 games, overcoming a broken hand and a torn ACL. He was credited with mentoring young players, which included Anthony Henry, Kawika Mitchell, and J.R. Reed. Later became a coach, including a stint at USF under Jim Leavitt.