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Stampeding Through The Roster: The Best #85 In USF History

#85 has only been worn by three players in USF history. And Mark Feldman wore it for only one season, so we'll consider him for best #44 instead (even though Vassay Marc pretty much has that locked up).

The other two players had careers that were so similar you'd barely notice one graduated and a different #85 came in. Both were tight ends, a position USF is not particularly known for. Neither saw a huge amount of playing time, though each did have one big moment.

Let's play Player A vs. Player B.

Player A
Player B
Measurables 6'4", 240 lbs. 6'5", 250 lbs.
Games 43 40
Starts 11 3
Receptions 5 3
Yards 25 44
Touchdowns 1 1
of Touchdown
His reception from Amarri Jackson added insult to the already injurious beatdown of #9 Louisville in 2005. It came about four minutes after Chad Simpson's decisive second-half kickoff return. And yes, it was from the Voodoo package. His touchdown catch was the "South Florida could win this" moment of the Florida game. Capped a 96-yard, 10-minute drive, and silenced the Swamp. For a while. The feeling wouldn't last, but still a great moment.
Tackles 6 (played part of one season at DE) 0
Father Played
Football For:
University of Tampa, back when they had a football team Duke University, back when they had a football team

There's little to distinguish these players; it boils down whose touchdown moment and whose collegiate pedigree you like better. Player A went both ways over his career, which is always awesome. But Player B scored a touchdown in the Swamp, equally awesome.

Speaking of which: