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Stampeding Through The Roster: #80 WR Stephen Bravo-Brown

Jules Verne went around the world in 80 days; we're just going to South Bend in 80 days. But in today's installment of our 99-day voyage around the roster, we meet one of last year's surprise contributors:

#80 WR Stephen Bravo-Brown

Sophomore, 5'10", 173 lbs.

Stats in 2010: Played in all 13 games, starting two (Western Kentucky and West Virginia). Had 11 catches for 104 yards and no touchdowns. Much of his production (4 rec., 48 yards) was against Stony Brook; he had one catch each in six other games.

Current Spot on Depth Chart:  Not listed. And with Justin Brockhaus-Kann dropping behind Chris Veron at punter, it's been a tough offseason for hyphenated Bulls. (Let's hope Jason Pierre-Paul isn't affected.)

How did he come to USF: As a preferred walk-on before the 2010 season. After graduating Fort Lauderdale's St. Thomas Aquinas in 2009, he spent a year at prep school in Pennsylvania, hoping to go to I-AA Lafayette. When that fell through, he convinced USF to give him a roster spot. Why USF?

"Growing up, I always liked them."

Things are changing, people. Things are changing.

Recruiting Rankings: Not in the Rivals, Scout, or ESPN database, even after his prep season.

Projected Playing Time for 2011: Of all the playing time projections we'll have to do, this may be the most difficult one on the roster. Depth charts declare who's first-team and who's second-team at a position, but they don't tell you how far ahead at the first-teamers are. Nor do they reveal any subtext. For example, when Terrence Mitchell was proclaimed first team ahead of Sterling Griffin, our own Voodoo saw it as a send-a-message move. Was the inclusion of Deonte Welch and Derrick Hopkins on the depth chart at Bravo-Brown's expense a similar message? Or does the coaching staff simply think those players are better? And how great is the difference? Is this apparent demotion a prelude to Bravo-Brown taking a redshirt season? Could the coaching staff be challenging him to win them over again, as he did last season? And what about that walk-on status? As far as we know he's not yet been put on scholarship, when other 2010 walk-ons were. And hey, what about those incoming freshmen at wide receiver?

That's a lot of questions, and a post-spring depth chart doesn't answer them. Stephen Bravo-Brown's role at USF this season is still to be determined. We await fall practice, at the very least, to clear things up.