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Daily Bull-ogosphere: June 2nd

Good Tuesday Morning V5ers! Here are your five links to get you through your morning.

1. Former USF Football Head Coach Jim Leavitt stopped by 620 WDAE yesterday and spoke with Ron Diaz and Ian Beckles about his time at USF. Adam Adkins from the Tampa Tribune has transcribed a good deal of the interview and Justin Pawlowski has podcasted the interview which can be heard here.

2. Coach Lelo Prado just received a verbal commitment from JUCO standout Rock Shoulders according to Greg Auman of the St. Pete Times. Yes, his name really is Rock Shoulders. You can already see the headlines if he somehow joins USF and keeps out of the draft.

- Rock "Shoulders" Load For USF Baseball

- Shoulders Game Solid As A Rock

- Rock Puts Team On His Shoulders

- Pitt "Rock"ed By Shoulders, USF

I could keep going for hours.

3. Jim Louk has his newest Letters From Louk story up, and its on the O.G.'s. If you need to brush up on your Football history, this is a must read.

4. If you haven't been reading our new College Football Advanced Stats site Football Study Hall you are missing out. Bill Connelly has been doing a team by team preview of every BCS school, and yesterday he checked in on Rutgers. Once again its a tremendous read.

5. Thujone of Prevail and Ride recaps the Jim Tressel era, and its beautiful.