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A Brief Summary Of Saturday's Jarvis Giles Excitement

1. Mark at Big East Coast BIas noticed GIles, a running back who had started at South Carolina and then transferred to Louisville, had changed his Facebook page to list his school as USF.

2. Ken is like "ALL THE TRANSFERS!" and "bring us your tired, your poor, huddled masses, yearning to wear green and gold," while I'm like "LOLWUT when would he ever get on the field." It would have made very little sense to bring Giles in when there are already four running backs trying to get playing time, and as Ken has been saying recently, Skip Holtz doesn't have very many scholarships left to work with for 2012.

3. Greg Auman points out that the Big East doesn't allow a player to enroll at one Big East school and then later play for another. No exceptions, no loopholes.

4. Adam Adkins reports that it was Giles's coach at Gaither HS in Tampa who said Giles was transferring.

5. Both Auman and Adkins confirm with Big East officials that no, Giles cannot play football for USF because he had enrolled at Louisville.

6. Ken goes back to watching the US men's national team get Bornstein'd while I head out with Mrs. Voodoo to eat dinner and wonder if Giles can play any other sports besides football.