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Daily Bull-ogosphere: June 29

Good Tuesday Morning V5ers! We hope you have a better morning than the Florida Gators last night. On to the links!

1. Speaking of the Gators, Alligator Army has a fantastic piece on the perils of sacrifice bunts. All I could do when reading it was nod and grind my teeth while thinking USF does this far too often. Next season is going to be great! (Next season is going to suck.)

2. Andrea Adelson over at the Big East blog on ESPN has posted her Big East wide receiver rankings, and USF is ranked sixth. I don't think the Bulls should be at the top, but I do think it's a top-four group with A.J. Love and Sterling Griffin coming back and being added to Lindsey Lamar, Evan Landi, and some promising freshmen.

3. We'd like to welcome former softball great Cristi Ecks, who is now working for USF Athletics as their Business Operations Coordinator. Best of luck Cristi.

4. Card Chronicle's Least Cool Person Tournament has reached the finals, and it's a clash of the titans between John Calipari and Brandon Bender.

5. Finally, Kevin McGuire of has USF finishing third in his Big East football predictions. We obviously disagree, since it's the stated position of this blog that the Bulls will win the Big East this year.