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Stampeding Through The Roster: #86 WR John Toston

Gratuitous Video Clip: Because it's someone named Toston. "I KNEW this is where my mouth would be!" (via huntlea)

Has any superstar athlete ever worn #86? It's just not a number players ask for. Other than Kansas City Chiefs legend Buck Buchanan, no great athlete has ever been associated with number 86, even though NFL rules pretty much force tight ends and wide receivers to wear something in the 80s. Other than Buchanan (who played defense), the best #86 Sports Illustrated could come up with -- in any sport -- was Hines Ward. So it's fitting that USF's current #86 is a walk-on:

#86 WR John Toston

Junior, 5'11". 187

Stats in 2010: None. He has some stats for 2008, though: 7 pass receptions for 69 yards, 2 tackle assists, and one pass attempt... all for Division II Chadron State. Yes, Danny Woodhead Chadron State. Toston joined the team the year after Woodhead left.

Current Spot on Depth Chart: Not listed among two split ends, three flankers, and three slot receivers.

How did he come to USF: He transferred from Chadron State to USF at some point after the 2008 season, and made the summer 2011 roster as a walk-on from an open tryout. Was a senior at Dunedin High School in 2007.

Recruiting Rankings: He is not listed in the Rivals or Scout recruiting databases. He hooked up with Chadron State via a recruiting service. That's the kind of recruiting service that pairs small schools with un-recruited athletes, not the kind that publishes ranked lists of elite prospects for fans like us to obsess over.

Projected Playing Time for 2011: As we go through the roster, keep in mind that most of the incoming recruits aren't on it yet. The NCAA roster limit is 105, and there are 102 players on it now, so Toston could be, well, 86'ed.

Update: Apparently he already left the team. Wish Toston the best of luck.