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Stampeding Through The Roster: #52 LB Kalin Hall

Today we meet one of the few walk-ons who actually made the fall roster this season.

#52 LB Kalin Hall

Junior, 6'2", 221 lbs.

Stats in 2010: Kalin wasn't on the team yet, so he spent 2010 hanging out on campus, keeping his grades up, and making smoothies. More on that in a minute.

Current Spot on Depth Chart: Hall is not on the post-spring depth chart at any of the three linebacker positions.

How He Got To USF: Hall is one of the most interesting stories on the roster. Kalin never played a down of football at Bayshore High School in Bradenton, focusing on BMX and motocross racing instead. He was working at a local Smoothie King when a staff member for the IMG Academy in Bradenton asked if he wanted to try his hand at football. A couple of months later Hall was able to earn a spot on the roster during spring tryouts. From the looks of things, it looks like he made the final cut as well and will be heading to Vero Beach for fall camp.

Recruiting Rankings: Of course Kalin wasn't rated by anyone since he didn't play in high school.

Projected Playing Time For 2011: As long as Kalin survives fall practice, he's most likely to help out on the scout team and maybe special teams while he continues to learn the game. Expect him to use a redshirt year while the coaches see what they have in him.