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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 13

Good Morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a great day yesterday watching the All-Star Game playing NCAA 2012. On to the links!

1. The latest Letter From Louk is available on, and today Jim talks about the 2009 WNIT Championship. Love seeing Shantia Grace wear Doc's hat.

2. Greg Auman reports that Matt Grothe participated in another tryout with the Tampa Bay Storm, and this time they may really need him in uniform. With starter Bryan Zbydniewski injured, I would expect Grothe to be out there this week.

3. Andrea Adelson finishes up her Big East positional rankings with a breakdown of the special teams. USF is 2nd only behind UConn. I can hear TheUConnBlog snickering already.

4. Are four home games really an advantage in the Big East round robin? Greg did some digging and came up with interesting nuggets. A really good read.

5. Hey the football team isn't the only squad at USF bringing in transfers. The women's golf team announced that four transfers will be attending next season. Those swank new golf practice facilities are already paying off.