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Stampede Bonus: The Temporary Owner Of #50

As we're counting down the USF roster from 99 to 1, some days we won't be able to look back at players who used to wear a certain number because a current player has it. So when I find something from the past that I think is overlooked, I'll do a Stampede Bonus like this one.


When you think of George Selvie's USF career, what's the first play you think of? It's probably the play he made against UCF in 2007 when he got into the backfield so quickly that he knocked the ball out of Kyle Israel's hands before he could hand it off to Kevin Smith. Then someone in green wearing a blank #50 jersey swooped in to recover the fumble at the UCF 20-yard line.

Who was that mystery man? It was defensive end Jarriett Buie, who had to temporarily wear the #50 jersey while his usual #90 was undergoing repairs. Here's Greg Auman's postgame blog entry:

Best thing about that play is Jarriett Buie wearing jersey No. 50, because, as he said, UCF was holding him so badly they ripped his jersey. A little mid-game alterations, and No. 90 is sewn up and back on him moments later.

The ESPNU broadcasters (including a couldn't-care-less Larry Coker) didn't know what was going on and tried to give the recovery to freshman linebacker Bradley Chancey, the player listed as #50 in the 2007 media guide. Even some of the guys in the press box weren't sure who got the ball. It was all very confusing.

I can't remember another player in USF history having to put on a different number in the middle of a game. But it's another fun trivia question for the especially observant Bulls fan.