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USF Football's All-Transfer Team

Who joined Kawika Mitchell on our All-Transfer Team? You'll see.
Who joined Kawika Mitchell on our All-Transfer Team? You'll see.

As we continue to wile away the days until fall practice and actual, honest-to-God news, we now present another one of our All-________ USF teams.

Since Skip Holtz took over, the Bulls have picked up several big-name transfer players, like Darrell Scott, Dontae Aycock, Spencer Boyd, and most recently Chris Dunkley. However, transfer players have made their mark throughout USF's football history. None of the newest names made our All-Transfer Team, but some of the best players to ever wear the green and gold did. Let's take a look.

(NOTE: We tried to limit the team to only players who transferred from other four-year schools, but that wasn't always possible.)


QB: Chad Barnhardt (1997-98)

We covered Barnhardt's story in detail when we ranked him #15 on our 15 For 15 list last year. He transferred from South Carolina and started under center for the Bulls' first two seasons.

RB: Mike Ford (2007-09), Dyral McMillan (1998-99)

We weren't too thrilled to have to take Ford over Andre Hall, but Hall was a junior college transfer and we're trying to avoid those. Besides, if motivated and used properly Ford would have been a very good running back. McMillan joined the Bulls from Miami and became USF's first 1000-yard rusher in 1999.

WRs: Clif Dell (1997-98), Scott McCready (1998-2000), Hugh Smith (1999-2002)

Dell (Florida State), McCready (Louisiana Tech), and Smith (Miami University) all came into the program during its time in I-AA, taking advantage of the ability to transfer and play right away. Dell and McCready were both productive receivers, but Smith is the best of the bunch as the quintessential speedy/possession receiver. He'd wreak havoc in the slot. (Click here for our Hugh Smith profile from 15 For 15.) If we were to include JUCOs and CCs, Amarri Jackson would have a strong candidacy.

TE: Trevor Hypolite (1997-98)

With apologies to Brian Erb, the other tight end transfer from that era, Hypolite (who came to USF from Kentucky) gets the nod.

OL: Jamar Bass (2009-10), Ryan Schmidt (2006-08), Thed Watson (2005-06), Ivan Alicot (1997-98), Russell Everett (1997)

It was extremely hard to find offensive linemen who transferred from four-year universities, so we had to include junior and community college transfers to get a starting five. Bass (Hutchinson CC) and Watson (Northwest Mississippi CC) came in from smaller schools. Ryan Schmidt joined up from Kansas State, while Russell Everett came in from The Citadel. Ivan Alicot transferred to USF from tiny West Virginia Wesleyan.

We'll take a look at the All-Transfer defense after the jump.

DL: Jason Pierre-Paul (2009), David Bedford (2008-10), Craig Marshall (2008-10), Claude Davis (2010-current)

This was another position that we couldn't find any four-year transfers to fill, but once JUCOs and community colleges were included we took full advantage of the loophole. I don't know what we'll do at the defensive tackle spot. Maybe this will be like the 2007 Giants when they lined up four defensive ends across the line on passing downs. Pierre-Paul came from Fort Scott JC. Bedford was from Independence CC, Marshall joined from Pearl River CC, and Davis is from East Mississippi CC.

LB: Tyrone McKenzie (2007-08), Kawika Mitchell (1999-2002), Jacquian Williams (2009-10)

Wow, what a unit! Easily the best position on the team. McKenzie transferred in from Iowa State, while Williams joined the Bulls from Fort Scott CC. Mitchell came to USF from Georgia and was one of the best defenders in school history, placing 4th on our 15 For 15 list.

DB: Maurice Tucker (2001-02), Jeremy Burnett (2004-05), Ryan Gilliam (2006-07), Glenn Davis (1997-99)

We had to leave Mistral Raymond off the list since we found enough four-year transfers to fill the secondary. Davis (from Purdue) and Gilliam (from Florida State and Oregon) play cornerback, while Burnett (Purdue) plays strong safety. We might have to pull a reverse Anthony Henry and move Tucker (from Indiana) from corner to free safety to fill out the defensive backfield.

K: Bill Gramatica (1998-2000)

P: Tony Umholtz (1997-99)

Gramatica transferred from Florida State and remains USF's best kicker until Maikon Bonani duplicates last season's effort in 2011. Umholtz came from tiny Missouri Valley College and was one of the Bulls' first I-AA All-Americans.