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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 21

Good Morning V5ers!  We hope you guys are having a better morning than whoever at the Longhorn Network decided, "Hey, let's show high school games of players we're trying to recruit!" Brilliant idea, y'all. In fact, Chris Hansen would like you to have a seat. On to the Links!

1. Some difficult news last night as backup FB/TE Jeff Hawkins will miss the entire 2011 season due to a torn ACL. Hawkins' loss will be most felt at FB, where only converted linebackers Armando Sanchez and Chris Breit are listed. His impact at TE won't be as bad with Andreas Shields and Isaac Virgin both ahead of Hawkins on the depth chart.

2. The Bull Rush have their second most important players for 2011, and they have some interesting choices. Not sure I'd go with either at that point.

3. We'd like to welcome WHIM-1080 AM in Miami as the newest affiliate on the Bulls Radio Network. Great to see that you can listen to Bulls football almost anywhere in the state now. Just need to find a Jacksonville market now.

4. The Bull Rush has their 7th Biggest Moment from 2010, and it was by far the best moment of our blog meetup that day. 

5. Spencer Hall got to spend the day with Mike Leach in Key West. That's all you need to know.