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Skip Holtz Talks USF-Notre Dame On The Dan Sileo Show

Coach Holtz was a guest on the Dan Sileo Show this morning on 620 WDAE, and the two talked about the season opener against Notre Dame. If you want to listen to the entire interview, the guys at 620 have it posted on their website.


On Coach Holtz going back to Notre Dame:

"Well, I mean from a personal standpoint with all the emotions with my father's success there. Being an alumni there. Having played there. Coached there for four years, there will be a lot of emotions on my standpoint. But I just gotta make sure that regardless of how much people will want to talk about how it will be an emotional game for Skip Holtz, it is a huge game and a huge opportunity for South Florida. As probably one of the youngest Division 1 programs in the country against one of the oldest and most prestigious when it talks to accolades and awards and those types of things."

On how excited Holtz is for the season opener:

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for us. It’s going to be fun. Forty four days and mark one off every single day. I got my calendar out, I’m ready.”

On the identity of the team:

"Their identity is all about their attitude. This team is all about hard work. I think this Junior Class that we have right now, the way that they work, the mindset they have. The focus they have. The intensity they have. I think that's the thing that excites me the most."

On what Coach Holtz wants to see from the team this fall:

“With so many of things that I saw during spring practice, I just want to watch those continue to grow and build as we go through camp getting into the season. We are certainly going to have a great test to turn and come out of the gates with Notre Dame right out of the chute. I think it will be a great test for our football team. Find out where we are and find out a lot about ourselves.”

On how important it is to finish the season strong:

“Whether you’re good enough or not at the beginning of the year is not what is relevant.  What is relevant is where you are towards the end of the year and they way you’re playing at the end.  The only way you’re going to get better is if you have a great attitude and incredible work habits as a football team.”


There are some other good answers from Holtz, including what Skip would like to see changed with the NCAA. What are your thoughts on his interview. Does his comments on the junior class stepping up concern you about the seniors on the team?