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Stampeding Through The Roster: #40 LS Corey Schomp

The other #40 on the USF roster is useful insurance at the most underappreciated position on the team.

#40 LS Corey Schomp

Redshirt Junior, 6'2", 248 lbs.

Stats In 2010: Corey did not appear in a game in 2010. No offense to Schomp, who might be in line to take over as the team's long snapper when Mike Walsh moves on. But if you have more than one long snapper playing in a game or in a season, it's probably because the first one made a few catastrophic or near-catastrophic mistakes. Walsh was money all year long.

Current Position On Depth Chart: While long snapper is the only position on the team that doesn't list a backup (the starter is Walsh), Schomp backed up Walsh the last two seasons and should still be there going into fall practice.

How He Came To USF: Schomp walked onto the team in 2009 after being a long snapper at Seminole High School. And since I need to pad this out to 150 words so the search engines find it, their nickname is the Warhawks and GOOD GOD WHAT IS THIS THING.

Recruiting Rankings: Corey was not rated by Rivals or Scout.

Projected Playing Time In 2011: Schomp will continue snapping for the scout team and for the special-teams units in practice, but he may not get any action on Saturdays unless Walsh is injured or mysteriously gets a case of the yips and starts putting the ball over Chris Veron or Justin Brockhaus-Kann's head.