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USF Recruiting Currently Rated 20th In The Country By Rivals

Skip would just like to remind you to RELAX! HE'S GOT THIS!
Skip would just like to remind you to RELAX! HE'S GOT THIS!

We're still pretty much in the dark when it comes to recruiting. Sure we will talk about a commitment when the time comes, or link to a story when USF offers a prospect. But we still feel a little weird when talking about where 16-18 year old kids are going to college.

So when the Big East Coast Bias posted a FanShot about USF having one of Rivals' top 20 recruiting classes so far, I had to do a double take. I knew that Skip had some excellent kids coming in like Gainesville's Chris Bivins, North Marion's Sean Price, and Plant City's LaMarlin Wiggins among others, but so far this class is quality from the top down.

We've talked about the small number of scholarships Holtz can hand out this year (only 13, including Alex Mut's greyshirt), and each one has been a quality player who had a couple of offers from other BCS schools. While Bivins and Price have been the standouts of the class so far (and turning heads wherever they've gone) other players like Admiral Farragut's Rayshawn Jenkins and Union Grove CB D.J. White have also been invited to, and done well at, national events like The Opening at Nike and the Gridiron Kings event held in Orlando.

I don't know if USF can hold on to this ranking just because some schools will pass them simply by being able to sign more players. (Holtz isn't completely averse to oversigning, but he doesn't just cut players who don't fit under the limit.) Regardless, this class has the opportunity to be one of the best in school history with the quality of players coming in.