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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 26

Good morning V5ers! We hope your night wasn't as hectic as the people trying to find out where undrafted NFL free agents were going at midnight. On to the links!

1. The Big East Coast Bias has some early lines on a couple of USF games for the season. Vegas has USF as underdogs against West Virginia and Pittsburgh, and a slight favorite against Syracuse. Kind of surprised the Notre Dame or Miami lines haven't opened yet. (Oh, and you're damn right Protect Your Unit is coming back.)

2. The ESPN bloggers talked about each conference's under-the-radar teams on a national level, and Andrea Adelson picked USF as hers. She starts after the two-minute mark.

3. The guys at The Bull Rush continue their look at impact freshmen, and they're up to #4. Like Kenneth Durden yesterday, I think their choice should be higher up on the countdown. It'll be interesting to see who they have at the top of their countdown.

4. Athletics is introducing a No Fuss Tailgate for all USF home football games. If you don't want the hassle of setting up and breaking down your tailgate before the game, this is not a bad option.

5. Wait, Gary Bettman's salary has doubled since the lockout? Shouldn't that be halved? (Angry note from Voodoo: YOU LEAVE MY PRECIOUS HOCKEY ALONE.)