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Your Holtzism Of The Week

We hope you guys had a great week out there. Thankfully, this was the last week without some sort of football, as fall camp opens on Wednesday. We were worried about finding a Holtzism for the week, but Skip's interview with Stewart Mandel on the Mandel Initiative gave us a small glimmer of hope in the dark, dark void that is the offseason.

When asked about B.J. Daniels' difficulties early last season and how if affected the team's success:

"Trying to win without a quarterback is like trying to win without pitching in baseball. You can do it, but it's more difficult."

With fall practice starting next week and Skip doing an interview pretty much every day starting Wednesday, this running series should be back until the end of the season. We are almost there, guys. Only five weeks to go until the season opener against Notre Dame.

Have a great weekend everyone!