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Daily Bull-ogosphere: July 6

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Good Morning V5ers! At some point today, we are going to have our 200,000th visitor on the site today. We don't say it enough, but thank you for stopping by our little spot on the Internet. On to the links!

1. This is a shameless plug for one of own, but congrats to our own Toro who was named the Community Manager for in Tampa. He's hosting a get together tonight to celebrate the occasion, and you can find all the info here. Just make sure to sign up before you go.

2. We knew that some schools have been telling recruits that they will be getting an invite to the Big East like two years ago, but who knew that Temple and Villanova were two more of them? Sean at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician has the story.

3. The guys at the Big East Bias are starting their own NCAA Football 12 Big East dynasties on both the PS3 and XBOX360 networks, and they need a USF player on the Xbox 360 platform. (Of course, if you have a PS3 and don't mind playing as another team, you can take on Voodoo, who already snapped up USF.) Who will step up to the challenge?

4. The Blue Ribbon Previews for the Big East have been published, and USF's preview is free to read. Not as good (or as positive) as Phil Steele, but still worth a read.

5. Andrea Adelson moves to the defensive side of the ball for her Big East unit rankings, and she has USF slotted fourth at defensive line. With David Bedford, Craig Marshall, and Terrell McClain all gone, I am fine with this ranking.