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USF Football Practice Roundup: Two-A-Days Edition

We briefly talked about some other stuff when the news of B.J. Daniels' hamstring injury broke from yesterday's morning practice. However, there were some other things that we missed from the team's first two-a-day practices of the season.

1. Coach Holtz wasn't scheduled to speak with the media yesterday. But with Daniels' injury, Skip came over before the start of the evening practice and gave a brief statement to let everyone know that B.J. shouldn't be out for too long. Greg Auman has the statement transcribed and also has it on video. Good to see Skip still rocking the bucket hat.

2. Adam Adkins has a nice feature up on junior WR Victor Marc, who has continued his strong play in the spring to fall camp. Victor moved from DB to QB to WR over his first two seasons, and is finally comfortable at receiver. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a breakout year in the slot.

3. Speaking of wide receivers, Greg has a good story on A.J. Love and Sterling Griffin, who helped each other out as they recovered from season-ending injuries in 2010. They've had a good relationship since Griffin arrived on campus in 2009, and it was great to see them lean on each other for support and the get healthy for this season.

4. Speaking of injuries, after missing the morning practice, it was good to see S C.J. Garye and FB/special teams ace Armando Sanchez back on the field last night. According to Adkins, Daniels was the only player not suited up last night.

5. Just popped up this morning, but Adam has a good article up on Ryne Giddins, who has stepped up his game after grabbing a starting position this offseason. Insane to see him up at 262 pounds.

6. once again has a nice photo album for your perusal, and they even have a shot of Daniels laying down right after the injury. On another note, the height difference between Michael McFarland (6'5") and Joel Miller (5'10") is just hilarious to see in pictures. Now we just need a picture of 6'6" Tyler "THISGUY" Guy and 5'6" Faron Hornes next to one another.