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USF Football Practice Roundup: Backups Get Reps Edition

We hope you guys enjoyed the first match of the Jurgen Klinsmann era like we did last night. Hopefully that ref made it out alive after his shambolic officiating on the pitch.

1. posted a posted a nice feature on RB Demetris Murray, who is making the case why for keeping the starting job this year. also included a video interview of offensive coordinator Todd Fitch and strength and conditioning coach Mike Golden as they talk about the work Murray and Darrell Scott put in this offseason.

2. There are a couple of nice posts from Greg that he got to yesterday. The first is an interview with DE Julius "JuJu" Forte, who seems primed to make the leap this year. The other is a couple of videos he didn't have time to post while in Vero. Greg is back in Tampa for the time being, but I'm sure there will be a correspondent out there taking notes for us.

3. ROSTER UPDATES! First up is senior RB J.J. Peterson, who is trading in his number 37 for 33 (thanks, Greg), which he will share with senior S Thanasi Mihalakos. Second is new transfer Tre Griffin, who oddly enough will be wearing number 37 this season.

4. While it's not good that B.J. Daniels is out for a couple of days with his hamstring injury, this is giving invaluable first-team reps to backups Bobby Eveld and Matt Floyd. Adam Adkins has that and more in his daily recap, along with a story about Skip Holtz's unease with his specialists. Not surprising that the punter and kickoff jobs are still up for grabs, but it's hard to believe that Maikon Bonani won't end up being the placekicker no matter what Holtz says.

5. USFNation once again has a nice photo gallery up, this time from Tuesday's night practice.