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Your Holtzism of the Week

Welcome back to our weekly look at the hilarious things that Coach Skip Holtz says. I'm not going to lie, this wasn't the best week to find a Holtzism. Everyone has been focused on B.J. Daniels' quasi-injury, and we are still a couple of weeks away from seeing Skip in a gameweek setting.

Fortunately I saved a good Holtzism from last week.

Greg Auman was talking to Coach Holtz about how some freshmen come in a little heavy, and Skip brought out this great quote,

That happens to freshmen. Q (Quinterrius) Eatmon came in at 360, and he's playing now at 310. A lot of them who've been home since February, they look at the depth chart and say 'Wow, I've got to weigh 260 as a tight end. I've got to weigh 300 as an offensive lineman.' They try to put on those table muscles and they don't work real well out here on the practice field. There are some guys that have to get in shape, cut a little bit of weight.

We will be around talking about the scrimmage and will continue our look at the roster, one number at a time.

Barring any unforeseen last minute emergencies, I should be heading down to Vero on Saturday. Anyone else making the trip? Let us know in the comments.