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Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 17

Good Morning V5ers! Not a lot of stuff out there from practice yesterday as the team prepared to return from Vero Beach, so let's roll with a Bull-ogosphere. On to the links!

1. If you didn't spend last night staring at Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel's complete annihilation of the University of Miami, you need to spend a couple of hours and just read EVERYTHING. This will not end well for anyone associated with this report, including a couple of former players from Plant High School here in Tampa. (note from Voodoo: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLANT.)

2. There's a nice story by Adam Adkins on 9-year old Cody Urbanczyk, who is battling leukemia. Cody was a regular at practices last year, and it's good to see him back on the sidelines this season. 

3. Greg Auman has news of some salary increases for our football assistants, including a hefty $50,000 raise for defensive coordinator Mark Snyder. One of the big complaints over the years was that the salary pool wasn't large enough, but it looks like Skip is making sure his coaches are taken care of. (another note from Voodoo: These salary pool increases are built into Holtz's contract, so while we'd obviously like to see our legion of underpaid athletic staffers get taken care of too, there isn't any wiggle room here.)

4.. Adam Adkins has some good news and some bad news on the injury front. The good news is that DT Cory Grissom and CB Quenton Washington were back at practice yesterday after being out since Friday and Monday, respectively. The bad news is that backup OL Tony Kibler couldn't go yesterday after hurting his shoulder Monday night. Freshman Brynjar Gudmundsson moved up to the second team to replace Kibler today.

5. Finally, Tom Zebold at GoUSFBulls has a good report on the women's soccer intrasquad scrimmage yesterday in preparation for their season opener against UCF on Friday. If you can't make it to the game in Orlando, BHSN will be broadcasting the game for the greater Central Florida area to watch.