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Your Leading Candidate For Holtzism Of The Year

Maybe Skip heard our complaints over the past two weeks regarding the lack of Holtzisms. Greg Auman spoke with Coach Holtz after Saturday's super secret scrimmage and Holtz lamented about the minor injuries the team has been picking up over the last couple of weeks. Get ready for this,

"They'll be healthy as commercials for a dairy product come next week, but we've got to get ready this week. We've got to get ready now," Holtz said.

Oh my. Skip is at the top of his game if he's dropping bombs like this one. I can't wait to see what Holtz has in store for gameweek.

h/t to K-Rock Da Bull for e-mailing us this masterpiece. We would have caught it, but its nice to see our readers looking out for us. If you guys ever see anything, tweet at us, email us, we greatly appreciate any interaction with our readers.