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Show Me Something: Sterling Griffin

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Our "Show Me Something" series, if you remember it from last year, is one where I profile several players who I will be particularly interested to see in action this season.)

I wonder if Sterling Griffin is being piled up with too many expectations. He only caught 14 passes as a true freshman in 2009 even though he played in all 13 games. If you subtract the 73-yard touchdown against Florida State where the Seminoles completely blew the coverage, he didn't even get to 200 total receiving yards. Then he missed all of 2010 after a serious ankle injury in summer drills. And now it seems like Bulls fans are expecting him to come right out and be B.J. Daniels' primary target.

Could Griffin break out and make 50+ catches and challenge Carlton Mitchell's season yardage record? Sure -- he's certainly not lacking in talent and big-play ability, and I think he'll end up being Daniels' primary deep threat. But there's a lot more talent at the receiver position, and we don't know how pass-happy Todd Fitch is going to be this year with Demetris Murray and Darrell Scott to run the ball. Plus Daniels might run more now that there's a known commodity backing him up if (heaven forbid) he gets injured.

I don't think there's going to be a revolving door of receivers coming in and out of the game, so that helps Griffin's chances of putting up big numbers. Unlike last year, though, Daniels can throw the ball to Griffin, A.J. Love, Evan Landi, Andre Davis, Lindsey Lamar (I'm not totally convinced about him playing running back), Murray and Scott, even Andreas Shields. And remember, Griffin has been through practices, but he hasn't actually played a game in the current offensive system.

The point is that Griffin shouldn't have to be depended on to save the passing game from complete disaster, like Dontavia Bogan did last year. I think it should be considered a bonus if he can.

What do you expect to see out of Griffin this season? Take this poll and tell us.