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USF Football Practice Roundup: First Day Of Class Edition

It's the first day of fall classes, and you know what that means. Good luck everyone!
It's the first day of fall classes, and you know what that means. Good luck everyone!

Good morning everyone! Today's the first day of the fall semester, so here's all the news our student readers will need while you aimlessly circle the commuter lots for a parking space*.

* - Don't do this. Park the car, then read the links.

1. It looks like the Bulls might have settled on their nickel cornerback, and it's... JaQuez Jenkins?? That's one we didn't see coming. Jenkins had spent his entire USF career at safety, but it looks like he's about to pull a Skinny Raymond and slide over to corner. Greg Auman's notes post has more on this development and on Monday's meeting for potential walk-ons and Skip Holtz actually sounding confident in his starting units (although the backups are still a problem).

2. Adam Adkins talked to defensive coordinator Mark Snyder, who was happy with the hitting in Saturday's double-secret scrimmage, but not so happy with the tackling. Adam also writes about B.J. Daniels solidifying his grip on the starting quarterback job, not that it was in serious jeopardy that we know of.

3. In Sunday's Tribune, Adkins also had a feature on linebacker DeDe Lattimore and the momentum he's carrying into the 2011 season after a strong bowl game. 

4. In addition to photos and a bunch of videos, the official site has some notes about the third running back spot (Marcus Shaw's in front) and the offensive line (Danous Estenor might crack the starting lineup).

5. It's going to be a lot of fun to see what Greg is going to spring on us from his interviews with Lou Holtz and Skip's family in his series leading up to the Notre Dame game. The first story is how Skip ended up going to Notre Dame, which casually mentions that Dean Smith was willing to give him a walk-on spot on the North Carolina basketball team. That would have been for 1983-84, the same team that had Sam Perkins and Brad Daugherty and Kenny Smith and, oh yeah, Michael Jordan on it.