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USF Football Practice Roundup: Barrington Moves To SAM

The Bulls are starting to get into game-week preparations for the Notre Dame game next Saturday (wow). This includes getting those last few starting positions taken care of.

- The biggest news from yesterday's practice was the news that junior linebacker Sam Barrington will be starting the Notre Dame game at the SAM or strong side linebacker. Barrington started at the MIKE (middle linebacker) spot for most of last year, but DC Mark Snyder feels more comfortable with Mike Lanaris at MIKE instead of Reshard Cliett or Curtis Weatherspoon at the SAM.

- Good story by Adam Adkins. While it looks like Danous Estenor will be the fifth starting offensive lineman, Kevin McCaskill is taking the opportunity to get better not only at center, but guard as well. That versatility is going to be big for us if someone gets hurt.

- With playing a team like Notre Dame, your scout team is going to be a little bit better than normal. With Chris Dunkley, Andre Davis, and Michael McFarland helping out, our first team defense should be prepared for the skill players of the Fighting Irish.

-Tom Zebold over at has a couple good quotes from Barrington and Kayvon Webster from yesterday's practice as they prepare for Notre Dame. You can also check out a couple of videos from Bullsvision on our awesome new video widget to the right.

- Did you ever wonder which Chopped judge is most like USF? Well thanks to Sean at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, now you know!