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USF Football Practice Roundup: Home Stretch Edition

The Bulls held their final scrimmage of fall camp on Friday before getting started with game-planning for the season opener at Notre Dame next Saturday.

-- And the scrimmage wasn't exactly a smooth one, as Skip Holtz told Adam Adkins of the Tribune. This quote doesn't give me a warm fuzzy, either:

"There for a while, probably the first hour of this scrimmage, I thought we looked a lot like last year’s offense," Holtz said. "Making mistakes, turning the ball over, bad field position. Those type of things.

"I thought they came back and they put some good drives together later in the scrimmage. They just made way too many mistakes early, and our second offense – way too many mistakes with our twos."

If it makes you feel any better, there's a chance Brian Kelly is saying the same thing about the Irish offense, with far more profanity.

2. As you might have seen from pretty much everyone in the USF media on Twitter, Holtz awarded a scholarship to wide receiver Stephen Bravo-Brown after Friday's practice. Bravo-Brown stepped into the void caused by the injury plague at receiver last year, and has continued to improve to the point where he's earned his scholarship. Congratulations to Stephen.

3. In #ALLTHETRANSFERS news, James Louis will not be coming to USF. Instead, he's headed even closer to his Delray Beach hometown to play for SCUMBAGS. Pretty big get for them, and one that might not have been likely even two weeks ago. (This story is from Greg Auman's link in item #2.)

4. Andrea Adelson has a few lingering questions now that camp has ended, although at least one of the questions sounds like a good problem to have.

5. has more from Friday's practice, including Holtz interview video and a reminder that Chaz Hine will be the currency rotation specialist for tonight's Bucs-Dolphins preseason game at Raymond James Stadium.