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Finally, Notre Dame Week! This Week's Game Plan

After eight long months, football is finally back this week! If you're new to the site (and since our site traffic is up over 100% from last August, there's a pretty good chance you are), here's a rundown of what you should expect leading up to Saturday's game at Notre Dame. Most of these items will be weekly throughout the season.

-- Now that fall camp is officially over, the Daily Bull-ogosphere returns on Monday with all things USF, plus anything else that interests or amuses us.

-- Ken and I are both working on Q&A's with Notre Dame bloggers (Ken has One Foot Down, and I have Subway Domer). Both will be posted this week, along with links to the questions that we answer on their sites.

-- We hold voting rights in SB Nation's BlogPoll Top 25, so we've logged our preseason ballot and Ken should have that posted either tonight or tomorrow. (We pulled a "Spurrier voting for Duke in Week 1" with our poll, which you should enjoy.)

-- I owe two columns to SB Nation Tampa Bay this week, which I'll link to when they're posted. One is about B.J. Daniels, and one is about USF's potentially brief window of opportunity to move up in the state's football pecking order.

-- On Friday night, I will post the first round of picks for the Protect Your Unit game.

-- We'll continue our Stampeding Through The Roster series until we get to Jerrell Young on Friday. I'll also have a Stampede Bonus picking the greatest number in USF history. Obviously it's somewhere between 1 and 5.

-- The day before each game, I'll have my Five Keys for the game. I always avoid picking the winner of the game (and I'm rarely interested in betting on USF games in Protect Your Unit), but I'll talk about the most important aspects of the matchup from a USF perspective.

-- We will have people in South Bend, at least one anyway. Toro is making his way up there this weekend and hopefully he will have a chance to post something from the road.

-- Like you've probably seen on other SB Nation sites, we will have a GameThread for you to chat during the game on Saturday afternoon. I'll be in it for sure as I watch the game with my chapter of the USF Alumni Association. (Check your local chapter for watch parties if you're a grad or a supporter who lives outside the Tampa Bay area.)

-- Ken will resume his postgame haiku immediately following the game, and then I'll write something more in-depth that evening.

-- Maybe a few surprises.

Get your game faces on, Bulls fans. It's time.