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New USF Depth Chart Released

With less than five days left until the season opener against Notre Dame, Skip Holtz has finally released the first depth chart of the fall. Opinons and comments after the jump:


QB: B.J. Daniels, Bobby Eveld

RB: Darrell Scott or Demetris Murray

WR: A.J. Love, Stephen Bravo-Brown

WR: Sterling Griffin, Deonte Welch

WR: Joel Miller, Victor Marc

TE: Evan Landi, Andreas Shields

LT: Mark Popek, Darren Powe

LG: Jeremiah Warren, Tony Kibler

C: Chaz Hine, Austin Reiter

RG: Danous Estenor, Kevin McCaskill

RT: Quinterrius Eatmon, Damien Edwards


DE: Patrick Hampton, Anthony Hill

DT: Cory Grissom, Elkino Watson

ST: Keith McCaskill, Luke Sager

DE: Ryne Giddins, JuJu Forte

SAM: Reshard Cliett, Curtis Weatherspoon

MIKE: Sam Barrington, Mike Lanaris

WILL: DeDe Lattimore, Mike Jeune

CB: Quenton Washington, JaQuez Jenkins

FS: Jerrell Young, Mark Joyce

SS: Jon LeJiste, Tyson Butler

CB: Kayvon Webster, Ernie Tabuteau


P: Justin Brockhaus-Kann, Mattias Ciabatti

K: Maikon Bonani

KOS: Marvin Kloss

KR: Lindsey Lamar

PR: Terrence Mitchell



- Not surprised about Scott and Murray being listed as co-starters for the opener. I think they'll work as a solid 1-2 punch for the first couple of series until the staff can see who has the hot hand.

- Little shocked that Evan Landi is already the starter at TE. I know that he was an excellent blocker, but for him to already jump Shields and Isaac Virgin says a lot about Landi's ability to pick up his new position quickly.

- How in the world is Joel Miller starting at the slot?

- There were talks about moving Barrington to SAM, but I'm happy that Cliett is getting the nod. He's had an excellent spring and fall camp and deserves the chance to start.

- What does it say to the rest of our cornerback crop that JaQuez Jenkins is already on the two-deep. Maybe Jenkins' ability to play corner is a reason Skip thinks he can possibly redshirt Kenneth Durden.

- Looks like the wondermullet got Tony Kibler on the two-deep. I wonder what other powers it has?

- Not surprised at all about Elkino Watson breaking the two-deep, but who had Mattias Ciabatti as the other true freshman on the depth chart?

What do you guys think? Any concerns as we head towards the season opener?