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Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 30

Lot of good stuff to get to, so let's get to it.

1. The guys at One Foot Down hand out their Shamrock Awards for the upcoming season, which gives Bulls fans a nice overview of what to expect with the Fighting Irish.

2. Open wide for some soccer! Congrats to Chris Blais and Noelle Pineiro, who were named the Big East's goalkeeper and offensive player of the week for their respective sports. Also, former USF GK Jeff Attinella was named the NASL Defensive Player of the Week after recording a shutout against Fort Lauderdale this weekend.

3. Former Notre Dame quarterback Joe Theismann actually said "Notre Dame can't take UCF lightly" when he called in to Happy Hour with JP on 1010AM yesterday. That's funny for so many different reasons. I'm sure the comments on Greg's blog are all well thought out and reasonable.

4. Congrats to former tennis player Lauren Shumate, who was named a Fulbright Scholar  on Monday. This is an extremely prestigious award and I'm thrilled that Shumate was given this honor.

5. Tom Zebold has a nice profile on defensive end Patrick Hampton. Patrick has been an excellent worker over the past four years and I'm glad he's finally getting a chance to shine.

6. Can't believe we forgot to link to Dr. Saturday's USF preview. He has all seven Big East games listed as toss-ups. Viva parity! Also I'm sure the comments are just as well thought out and reasonable as they are on item #3.

7. Do you have 20 minutes to burn? Great! Click here for a recap of the #BigEastApplicationQuestions meme from last night.

8. Texas A&M is one step closer to the SEC. This will end well for the Big XII Texas. Actually it will end well for Texas no matter what, because they are Texas.