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USF Fans, If You're Going To Notre Dame, Do Me A Favor

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Like I said a few days ago, I'm not making the trip to South Bend. Toro will be there, and so will a lot of you, and I hope all of you have a fantastic time. Just do me a favor.

Make sure USF fans aren't out there acting like assholes, OK?

Playing at Notre Dame is, literally, and figuratively, like going to football church. You wouldn't go into church and start screaming at the other parishioners, climbing up on their statues, and disrespecting all their stuff. The same thing should apply here. I'm pretty sure the Notre Dame fans who can manage tickets to this game will be polite and courteous to any visiting fan, and we need to do the same thing to them.

Especially if the Bulls are fortunate enough to win the game. If that happens, I really hope USF fans are able to act like they've been there before. Because we have. Most of the program's reputation was built on big road wins. It would be a special thrill to win at Notre Dame, but it would be really weak to be in the stadium and then start taunting people and acting like a lunatic. That makes all of us look bad. And you'd like to go back again some day, right?

I don't want to preach (see what I did there?) because I know most of you don't need to hear any of this, but I wanted to at least say something. Take care of our reputation up there, please. Thanks, and have fun.