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General USF Stuff

USF President Judy Genshaft Donates $20 Million To Honors College

One of the biggest individual gifts in USF history will help finally establish a permanent home for the Honors College.

No One Likes The New USF Branding. Why Didn’t Anyone Stop It?

For once, we need to discuss the elephant in the room.

Everyone Is Responsible For The Attendance Problem. USF Has 19 Days To Fix It.

It’s time to stop spitballing and blaming, assess the current challenges, and start looking at tangible, long-term solutions.

USF Athletics Set to Launch 24/7 “Bulls Unlimited” Radio Network

The first major shakeup after Tampa Bay Entertainment Properties took over for IMG Radio is a good one for Bulls fans.

Rain Delay Interview With USF Athletic Director Mark Harlan


Why We Are Fans Of USF

The Daily Stampede has been spruced up and to mark the occasion, some of our writers are sharing their USF origin stories.

Is This As Good As USF Athletics Has Ever Been?

Take a look back at some other years of USF athletic success and... actually, yes, this might be the best it’s ever been across the board.

LaDarrius Jackson Arrested Again for Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment

Jackson turned himself into authorities today after another woman came forward with allegations of sexual battery.

Jason Pierre-Paul Among USF Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipients

The USF Alumni Association is recognizing 10 young alums next Friday night. Today’s the last day to get your tickets - don’t miss it!

A Review Of USF’s Preeminent University Fight - What Happened?

How did this go down, why did it go down, and how can USF make sure it doesn’t happen again?

USF Athletics Receives $1 Million Gift From Naimoli Family

The donation will be earmarked for student-athlete support and facilities for tennis and football.

Support Your Local USF Alumni Association... Especially If You Aren’t Local

Don’t live in Tampa anymore? You probably have a USF alumni association chapter in your area that could use your help.

Arizona AD Leaves For Alabama. Mark Harlan Graduated From Arizona. But USF Still Needs A Basketball Coach. Uh-oh.

Eventually this will become a PAC-12 blog I guess.

The Top 5 USF Athletics Stories of 2016

In a very eventful year for USF athletics, these were the biggest.

The USF Voting Guide: Which Bulls Alumni Are Running For Office Tomorrow

Because unquestionably the most important reason to vote for someone is where they went to college.

Get Tickets Now For The Bulls Block Party

An event with bars and Bulls to get you ready for the 2016 football season. We endorse this wholeheartedly.

Brian Lamb Elected Chair of USF Board of Trustees

Lamb has served on the board since 2014, and will now lead it.

Highlights of USF Athletics 5-Year Strategic Plan

The plan is being presented to USF's Board of Trustees on Thursday, but an advance copy is available now. Let's go over some of the highlights.

HOT TAKE TUESDAY: USF's Hired Fundraising Dogs

Fundraising is important, and a healthy Alumni Association is important, but not if you're going about it like this.

MOSI and a Potential USF On-Campus Stadium

When the Museum of Science and Industry moves to downtown Tampa, could the Bulls finally get their football stadium in the land to be vacated?

Welcome Freshmen! Some Advice About USF

You're new to USF and you need to figure out how this place works. Our Facebook community is here to help.

Democracy Suspended at USF by Student Government

We know Voodoo Five is primarily a sports blog, but this situation is so absurd that we felt obligated to inform the USF community.

This stream has:

Searching For USF's New Athletic Director

A search is already underway to decide who will succeed Doug Woolard as USF's athletic director. Check this StoryStream for all of our coverage.

The Future USF Athletic Director Odds Board!

You didn't think we'd combine our loves of gambling, USF, and baseless speculation to handicap the outcome of the now-in-effect AD search? Well then you don't know us very well.

Doug Woolard To Leave USF, Replacement Search On

A national search for Woolard's replacement is now underway as USF Athletics prepares for new leadership.

A Way Forward: A Plan For USF Athletics 2013-14

There's an air of new opportunity at USF. Here's our plan to take advantage of it.

2012-13 Voodoo Five Awards: Part 2

Now for the more subjective awards. And also the ones where we get mad.

2012-13 Voodoo Five Awards: Part 1

In the first set of our season-ending awards, we look back on some of the best (yes, there were some good things) and worst of USF athletics in the past nine months.

Presenting The "USF Things" Bracket

Take a look at our 64-team field and fill out your brackets. We'll start voting on Monday.

Who Had The Worst Big East Season Ever?

A look at the worst combined records by Big East teams in both football and men's basketball in a single season. Needless to say, USF appears on the list often.

An Education On USF's Local TV Situation

Why is it so hard for so many people to watch USF games on TV in the Tampa Bay area? Could it get better sometime in the future? Here's the story.

Reader Retort Contest: Get Your Jokes Ready!

This tweet from yesterday is such low-hanging fruit, you guys. Please help us devour it.


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