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Presenting The "USF Things" Bracket

Take a look at our 64-team field and fill out your brackets. We'll start voting on Monday.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

We know, we know. Everyone's been putting everything into brackets this week. Basketball teams. Food products. Craft beers. Personal stupidity. And my personal favorite, curse words. (By the way -- completely NSFW.) But if we're ever going to do something like this, now is the time to do it, so here it is... THE USF THINGS BRACKET.

(Click on the bracket to enlarge so you can see all the entries.)


We took some suggestions from our Facebook fans, added some ideas of our own, and then I sorted everything into four "regions" and seeded them all from 1-16. Except for Homecoming, we limited this bracket to things that are uniquely USF, so generic college things like student government and Greek housing and Gumby's Pizza didn't make the cut. There were also some great ideas that ultimately were just too niche or too old to include, like the Leadership House, the terrible sinks in Cooper Hall, Matching Day at Skipper's, the Empty Keg, the atom benches and Mickey Mouse-looking misters outside the Science Center, and the uneasy feeling that the Human Services building could collapse at any time.

There are some heavy hitters, some potential Cinderellas, and some truly unpleasant things that will get destroyed in the early rounds and make us feel good inside. Also, I may have played with the seeding a little bit for comedy.

Take a look at the field and start thinking about your picks. Beginning Monday, you'll be able to vote for the winners in each round and help us decide the most USF thing there is. For now, call your shots and let us know in the comments if you feel like anyone or anything* was snubbed.

* - for example, The Oracle.