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Welcome Freshmen! Some Advice About USF

We crowdsourced the best things we could find about USF, and put them all here. Yes, The Andros Song is included.

University of South Florida

Dear Our Newest Bulls,

We know you're overwhelmed with the size and scope of it all. Drop/add is over, so now you're officially a student at the University of South Florida. Don't sleep on your school, it's one of the fastest-growing and upward-tracking colleges in America. And the unstated-but-always-present goal of joining the American Association of Universities might happen before you start grad school.

There are tons of things about the slice of heaven between Fowler Ave. and Fletcher Ave. you might not know yet, so we solicited advice via the VoodooFive Facebook page (and like us on Facebook while you're there) to give some advice to the incoming Class of 2018, and in many cases the Class of '19, '20, and '21 too. The nickname is U Stay Forever for a reason, N00B.

We just copy/pasted all of that advice below since it was all relevant. Read and grow wiser.

Carl Zee: Get all your work done on Friday and Sunday so you can go to the football games on Saturday. And go to the UCF game even though it's the day after Thanksgiving. Because screw UCF.

Voodoo Five: We'd also like non-sports-related advice if you have it, like "No Fletcher Walmart after dark."

Carl Zee: Don't go to Fletcher Walmart after dark by yourself. Go with a friend, it goes from scary to funny.

Mark Vargas: NEVER do classes on Friday & use to pick classes!

Dan Carmona: Don't feed the religion trolls at Cooper Hall

Jonathon Anderson: Watch out for abortion week and avoid the library at all costs.

Don Wilhelm: I disagree, the religious nutjobs are extremely entertaining if you get them going. I got a signed pamphlet from Pastor Jim(?) and he wrote on there "repent drunkard".

Sean Masse: During the week, it is all about balance.....on the weekends it is about losing your balance #USF #Maturity

Keith Link: Chubby girls need loving too

Chris Gillotte: If it's free and sponsored by USF, do it. Your tuition and fees are paying for it so get your money's worth.

Michael Dvorak :Go to class! And don't pick morning classes.

JP Murphy: Do setup a tent next to the Sun Dome. Do have a party so large the president of the University winds up in the tailgate of your fraternity brother's truck. Do workout because 7 days of Chik FIL A will catch up with you. There is a great spot on the top floor of WUSF next to the air return that is perfect for mid day naps. And finally, take chances, meet people and for the love of God buy some USF merch and don't wear any of that blue or garnet stuff.

Melissa Bucholdt: Go to the gym. Its free, and you will gain weight in college. it just happens. Also, get involved in some group or activity. You will have so much more fun while in school, make new friends, learn new skills (like I learned about event planning through my professional greek organization, which has really helped me in my life after college) and you will be more connected to your school which will make you enjoy your time there so much more.

William Winikus: Chastise and berate those that wear another school's clothing anywhere around campus.

Don't step on the seal.

DONT STEP ON THE Ftiny_mce_marker@ING SEAL!

Learn the alma mater, for Judy's sake.

Go to Mr. Dunderbaks.

Sneak up to the top floor of the ISA and enjoy the view.

Use the hammocks on Castor Beach a lot. You lucky freshies. It was nothing but sand when I was there.

More to come.

Matthew Warren Coppens: Experience everything the school has to offer.

Woodward Gramling: Go to every football game no matter how bad we are and go greek

Andrew Pina: Is Five Star Pizza still a thing? If it is get cheese sticks.

Collin Sherwin: Go to Felicitous. It's right across the street from campus, and is the best place to study, hang out, and meet cool people. The coffee is great, and the waffles that come in huge mugs are excellent.

Find the college nights and drink there, but pregame at home. Every penny helps. But for God's sake don't drive home. There's Uber & Lyft now so absolutely no excuses.

Peabody's. Get to know the bartenders, and get good at darts. Still the best college bar in the world.

Go to a USF Volleyball match. They're loud, you're right on top of the action, and everyone that goes has a blast even if they don't understand the sport (yet).

The Monday 8am classes are what got me "temporarily academically dismissed" the first time, so yes no Friday classes are important... but nothing before 10-11am is even more crucial.

Lupton's & Taco Bus. If you need good food not from Sodexho cheap, do it.

I had the most fun doing Greek things (Kappa Sig was probably the best choice I made in college), athletics things (the Student Bulls Club gives you WAY more in stuff than you could ever buy for $10), and Student Government/leadership things (you know everything that's going on on campus, and should meet some diverse people).

Tell everyone about Voodoo Five. It's the best way to be informed about what's happening in athletics. Also, we love pageviews.

Joena Bartolini: Falling asleep on any of the lawns, no matter how hungover/still drunk you are, is ill-advised. Someone will steal your stuff.

Voodoo Five: I can't post this as me instead of as the blog, but if these places are still there, Gumby's is/was objectively better than Five Star.

Jessica Reese Beware of the squirrels they will steal your food & try to make you wreck your bike! Go to all of the home football games! Wear Green & Gold as much as you possibly can! Definitely no 8 AM classes!

Collin Sherwin: No more Gumby's. Five Star only. Probably the biggest loss for USF since Dominique Jones & Jason Pierre-Paul left early.

Voodoo Five: Comment from a Twitterer: "I'm not on Facebook but tell those fools that WAWA runs the show now...."

No one denies this.

Bill Hemberger: -No classes before 10AM

-No classes on Friday
-Use because it will save your GPA
-Go to the Football and Basketball games
-Go Greek or join a club
-Don't be a slob, workout
-Go on a party bus

Brock Bjorn:, avoid student loans at all costs, get as many internships as possible, take the easiest maths you can, ABC is cheaper than Party liquors but not open as late, get your parking timing for classes down, Greek life isn't inherently bad or good, shots are for idiots, use protection, oh and remember all that bullshit from high school? Forget all about it, you don't have to even think about those people until Christmas break at which point everyone will come back together and lie their asses off about how HARD THEY ARE PARTYING BRAH and remember: You go to the University of SOUTH FLORIDA, not UF, not FSU, not Miami, not Bama - you wear another college's logo on campus, you are free to transfer there after President Genshaft rips you a new one in public.

Brock Bjorn: Oh, and watch PCU. That flick holds up, man.

JP Murphy: A few more: buy a cheap bike, no one is impressed with your fixie and it will hurt less when it gets stolen or destroyed by physical plant.
Don't forget about paying your parking tickets.

The only book you need to keep is a style manual and/or anything you really enjoyed. You'll never open them again and they are a pain to move.

Don't sign up for credit cards just to get free t-shirts.

Register early for the classes you need, sit in on the ones that are full, and figure out electives last.

Get to know the Marshall Center staff.

Party naked, use the free protection that SHS gives out.

Heidi Oros: THE DONT'S: Never ever take an 8 or 9am class!!! Never take a 4000 level class especially if you did not take the pre-requisite... (I went to USF in 1986-1990... They let you do stuff like that)... If you are not good in Algebra don't take Calc1 at night... Unless there is a help lab...

Heidi Oros THE DO's: Take at least one class you love each semester if possible...That should be your easy A... Take your Easy PE class your 1st semester (if it is still required)... This will also give you confidence, especially in your first semester ... Take classes about 2 hours apart from each other ... That way you can go to the library to study between classes... Treat your education like it's your job... Work hard from 10-5 M-F! Good luck and Go Bulls!!

Joe D'Alconzo Internships. For real.

Anthony Phillips Go to events and join some clubs.. Also don't forget about your school work and take classes that make you smarter.. The end

Kervin Antoine If all fail, start practicing your cramming skills. It's not a habit, tis an art.

* * * * *

Also, Matt from The Bull Rush Blog reminded us of this:

These guys wrote a song about how they don't have a meal plan and need a honey to swipe them in. References to Beta, Castor, Delta, Maple A, getting left behind on Thursday nights if you're only 17 (which WILL happen), Club USF, RA's not letting you in a dorm unless a resident lets you in, FlexBucks, and a Sun Dome reference far too PG-13 for a family blog. It is fantastic.

This is better than the fight song. This is better than every dorky catchphrase you've been inundated with over the past week. This is your new life. It will be the best time of your life.

Welcome home.