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The USF Voting Guide: Which Bulls Alumni Are Running For Office Tomorrow

Because unquestionably the most important reason to vote for someone is where they went to college.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Tampa Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The staff of this here website is certainly politically engaged. We argue about politics on the Slack Channel as much as we do sports sometimes, but today we come not as partisans, but just for information.

You should not vote for anyone on this list just because they’re a USF alum. But there has long been a problem, particularly at the state legislative level, about access for non-UF-and-FSU universities. Thanks to the following folks, and we hope they represent the interest of their alma mater effectively if elected.

This might not be the full list but it’s pretty close... if we missed anyone let us know.

United States House of Representatives
Mario Diaz-Balart (R-District 25)

State of Florida Representatives
Danny Burgess (R-District 38)
Victor Sims (D-District 39)
Ross Spano (R-District 59)
Rena Frazier (D-District 59)*
Jackie Toledo (R-District 60)
Shawn Harrison (R-District 63)
Lisa J. Montelione (D-District 63)
Chris Sprowls (R-District 65)
Lorena Grizzle (D-District 66)
Jennifer Webb (D-District 69)
Joe Gruters (R-District 73)

*Wife of former USF point guard Anddrikk Frazier

**US House of Representatives: Kathy Castor (D-District 14) is the daughter of former USF President Betty Castor