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PYU Week 7 Results: Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Photo of ULM quarterback Caleb Evans in a 2016 games against Arkansas State
Surprisingly, there aren’t many photographs of Louisiana-Monroe football. This one is from 2016.
Photo by John Bunch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images.

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. Good thing for me.)

Louisiana-Monroe, a 30-point underdog at home against Liberty, scored 28 points in the third quarter, and then won the game on a 53-yard field goal.

This is relevant to our story because the weekly point winners are:

bullsonparade96 4011.50 15
ULhothot 594.00 10
Danj725 533.47 7
ElliotMoore 293.01 5
Gym399 288.64 4
McIntyre2K7 260.00 3
Julmisteforheisman 75.00 2
jrjs 17.27 1
GaryStephen 4.54 1

There’s not an extra digit there. The once-again first-place bullsonparade96 won 4,011.50 units this week. This was this the big play:

bullsonparade96 Louisiana-Monroe +8423.0 money line to beat Liberty Louisiana-Monroe 31-28 50.00 WIN 4211.50

Only twice in PYU’s modern era (since 2013), has a player ended a season with a grand total of 4,000 units (lrdnorman and bullmartin in 2016). With one bet, bullsonparade96 won that amount in a week. And he’s done this twice now. Late in 2020, a combination of large parlay wins resulted in a week where he won 4,098.53. His total for this week was actually 4,011.50, because he lost 200 on two other plays. So he didn’t quite break his own record. And guess whose fault that was?

bullsonparade96 South Florida +290.0 money line to beat Tulsa Tulsa 32-31 25.00 LOSS -25.00

If USF had beaten Tulsa outright, this would have been a win of 72.50 instead of a loss of 25, which would made his weekly total big enough to break his own record.

But it could have been worse. We could have lost to Tulsa like this:

The quarterback of Division III Wisconsin-Platteville took a knee, when he meant to spike the ball so his team could kick a last-second field goal. Oops.

It was a week for backdoor covers:

  • ULhothot had a parlay wrecked by a meaningless 50-yard touchdown pass, with 31 seconds to go, in the Akron-Miami of Ohio game. He had under 54, and this made the final score 34-21.
  • On the flip side, Kentucky went on a 22-play, 75-yard, 11-plus minute drive to score a meaningless last-second touchdown against Georgia. The game ended 30-13. Maybe they just wanted to prove they could do it: Georgia’s defense has given up 3, 7, 13, 0, 0, and 10 points in its first six games. This touchdown affected several plays, and turned a parlay loss into a win for Gym399:
Gym399 Michigan State -4.0 points over Indiana; Baylor -5.0 points over Brigham Young; Kentucky +21.5 points over Georgia (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan State 20-15; Baylor 38-24; Georgia 30-13 15.00 WIN 90.00
  • Several people had the Under 66 in the Marshall-North Texas game. Marshall led 42-7 into the fourth quarter, but three cheap late touchdowns made it 49-21. This broke another three-way parlay, this time for e-dogg42.

As you can see from the list of weekly winners above, a lot of players had big weeks. Here’s the list of all the 50-unit or more wins, other than those already mentioned:

danj725 Alabama -17.0 points over Mississippi State; Over 57.0 points in the Alabama-Mississippi State game; Mississippi -2.5 points over Tennessee (WIN,WIN,WIN) Alabama 49-9; Alabama 49-9; Mississippi 31-26 100.00 WIN 600.00
speruche Over 55.5 points in the Tulsa-South Florida game; South Florida +8.5 points over Tulsa; Colorado -6.0 points over Arizona (WIN,WIN,WIN) Tulsa 32-31; Tulsa 32-31; Colorado 34-0 45.00 WIN 270.00
ULhothot California +14.0 points over Oregon; Over 62.0 points in the Miami (FL)-North Carolina game; Under 67.5 points in the Texas Tech-Kansas game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Oregon 24-17; North Carolina 45-42; Texas Tech 41-14 40.00 WIN 240.00
ULhothot Michigan State -3.5 points over Indiana; Minnesota +2.5 points over Nebraska; North Carolina State -2.5 points over Boston College (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan State 20-15; Minnesota 30-23; North Carolina State 33-7 40.00 WIN 240.00
ElliotMoore Akron +20.5 points over Miami (OH); Ball State -2.0 points over Eastern Michigan (WIN,WIN) Miami (OH) 34-21; Ball State 38-31 130.00 WIN 338.00
McIntyre2K7 Alabama -17.0 points over Mississippi State; Over 57.0 points in the Alabama-Mississippi State game (WIN,WIN) Alabama 49-9; Alabama 49-9 100.00 WIN 260.00
Julmisteforheisman Alabama -17.0 points over Mississippi State; Virginia -10.5 points over Duke; Michigan State -3.5 points over Indiana (WIN,WIN,WIN) Alabama 49-9; Virginia 48-0; Michigan State 20-15 25.00 WIN 150.00
ULhothot Under 55.5 points in the California-Oregon game; Miami (FL) +7.0 points over North Carolina; Under 80.0 points in the Mississippi-Tennessee game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Oregon 24-17; North Carolina 45-42; Mississippi 31-26 20.00 WIN 120.00
ULhothot Over 54.0 points in the Appalachian State-Louisiana game; Marshall -10.5 points over North Texas; Pittsburgh -3.5 points over Virginia Tech (PUSH,WIN,WIN) Louisiana 41-13; Marshall 49-21; Pittsburgh 28-7 40.00 WIN 104.00
E-dogg42 Under 54.0 points in the Fresno State-Wyoming game; Under 60.5 points in the Oklahoma State-Texas game (WIN,WIN) Fresno State 17-0; Oklahoma State 32-24 30.00 WIN 78.00
GaryStephen Texas-El Paso +235.0 money line to beat Louisiana Tech Texas-El Paso 19-3 30.00 WIN 70.50
speruche Purdue +450.0 money line to beat Iowa Purdue 24-7 12.00 WIN 54.00

Point standings:

bullsonparade96 45
speruche 42
ElliotMoore 28
e-dogg42 24
Ulhothot 22
danj725 19
LrdNorman 18
dsidwell31 15
mcgies852 14
McIntyre2K7 13
anthonyvito 12
briank19 11
undercoverbull 10
HerdCountry941 10
jrjs 8
Gibbsak 8
mmmmsnouts 7
GaryStephen 6
Gym399 4
Andrewpina 4
camweed12 2
Julmisteforheisman 2
jjlovecub 1

Bullsonparade96 has been #1 in three weeks, and has 0 points the rest of the season. But that moved him back into the point lead, ahead of speruche who has had more consistent success.

Money standings:

User Total Pending Futures Grand Total Excluding Futures
bullsonparade96 4535.65 250 4785.65
speruche 2228.19 0 2228.19
Danj725 1690.12 0 1690.12
ElliotMoore 1501.38 150 1651.38
ULhothot 1330.18 250 1580.18
mcgies852 1321.57 150 1471.57
Lrdnorman 1215.83 0 1215.83
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 150 1264.55
E-dogg42 1098.60 185 1283.60
Gibbsak 1067.73 0 1067.73
GaryStephen 1046.22 0 1046.22
Andrewpina 958.18 250 1208.18
Gym399 940.10 0 940.10
briank19 931.12 0 931.12
HerdCountry941 841.31 0 841.31
anthonyvito 821.94 100 921.94
jrjs 778.73 0 778.73
jjlovecub 749.00 0 749.00
Julmisteforheisman 664.02 0 664.02
dsidwell31 634.17 0 634.17
McIntyre2K7 468.32 110 578.32
camweed12 393.19 0 393.19
undercoverbull 83.76 250 333.76
Defdans 0.91 220 220.91

Unsurprisingly, bullsonparade96 jumps back into the lead. But it’s also the time of year when we have to start discussing the Sudden Death bet. defdans nearly made a big comeback this week:

DefdansNorth Carolina State -3.0 points over Boston College; Over 38.5 points in the Army-Wisconsin game; Wisconsin -14.0 points over Army (WIN,LOSS,LOSS)North Carolina State 33-7; Wisconsin 20-14; Wisconsin 20-14190.00LOSS-190.00

But Army got the cheap late touchdown, not Wisconsin. So he is now below one unit, which means he is technically out of units. I put an extra .09 units in defdans’ account so he would have exactly 1 unit left, and can bet it on an AAC game as per Rule 11:

The week after you run out of money, you must successfully pick one AAC game against the spread. If you win the bet, you get a $500 loan to continue playing in future weeks. If you build this amount to over $1000, you will then “repay” the loan by having the $500 deducted from your new balance. If you push the bet or lose, you are out of the game. Only one sudden death bet per customer. If you lose the entire extra $500, you are out of the game.

Also, anyone else who is under 250 total units may bet it all on one game, if desired. Currently, this is only undercoverbull at 83.76.

Keep in mind that, even if you do run out of units and lose the Sudden Death bet, it is possible to get back into the game through futures bets, if you made any. And both these players have some good ones lined up:

defdans Illinois to win over 3.5 games TBD 100.00 TBD 0.00
defdans Georgia 650.0 to win national championship TBD 75.00 TBD 0.00
defdans Central Florida to win under 9.5 games TBD 25.00 TBD 0.00
defdans Oklahoma to win under 11.0 games TBD 25.00 VOID 0.00
defdans Texas A&M to win under 9.5 games TBD 20.00 TBD 0.00
UndercoverBull South Florida to win over 2.5 games TBD 125.00 TBD 0.00
UndercoverBull Southern Methodist to win over 6.5 games TBD 125.00 TBD 0.00

Moving on to Week 8: there are no games between nationally ranked teams, though Wisconsin-Purdue, Clemson-Pittsburgh, and LSU-Mississippi are close. The AAC is similarly devoid of major matchups: Cincinnati, now #2 in the country, is at Navy; Tulane is at #21 SMU; Memphis at Central Florida to see whose season goes even further down the tubes; East Carolina plays Houston; Temple goes to USF; and Tulsa is off.