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Protect Your Unit Week 14 Results Thread: For A Few Dollars More

On the set of For a Few Dollars More
American actors Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Italian Gian Maria Volonte on the set of For a Few Dollars More (Per qualche dollaro in più), written and directed by Sergio Leone.
Photo by United Artists/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. I know I said we wouldn’t call the in-game currency ‘dollars’ any more, but the pop culture reference doesn’t work if I change it.)

It’s a bank robbery!

bullsonparade96 Over 48.0 points in the Texas A&M-Auburn game; Under 62.5 points in the Florida-Tennessee game; Clemson -21.5 points over Virginia Tech (WIN,WIN,WIN) Texas A&M 31-20; Florida 31-19; Clemson 45-10 500.00 WIN 3000.00
bullsonparade96 Over 57.0 points in the Liberty-Coastal Carolina game; Wisconsin -11.0 points over Indiana; Southern Methodist +1.0 points over Houston (VOID,LOSS,VOID) Coastal Carolina 0-0; Indiana 14-6; Southern Methodist 0-0 300.00 LOSS -300.00
bullsonparade96 Tulane -1.5 points over Memphis; Under 62.5 points in the Florida-Tennessee game; Under 49.5 points in the Tulsa-Navy game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Tulane 35-21; Florida 31-19; Tulsa 19-6 200.00 WIN 1200.00
bullsonparade96 Air Force -11.5 points over Utah State; Under 51.5 points in the Air Force-Utah State game (WIN,WIN) Air Force 35-7; Air Force 35-7 100.00 WIN 260.00
bullsonparade96 Tulsa -10.0 points over Navy; Georgia Tech +8.0 points over North Carolina State (WIN,LOSS) Tulsa 19-6; North Carolina State 23-13 61.47 LOSS -61.47
bullsonparade96 Western Kentucky +1.5 points over Charlotte; Over 47.5 points in the Western Kentucky-Charlotte game (VOID,VOID) Western Kentucky 37-19; Western Kentucky 37-19 0.00 WIN 0.00
bullsonparade96 Over 57.0 points in the Liberty-Coastal Carolina game; Southern Methodist +1.0 points over Houston (VOID,VOID) Coastal Carolina 0-0; Southern Methodist 0-0 0.00 WIN 0.00

Well, there’s not much else to say. Leader BullsOnParade96 won 4098.53 units this week. Several people asked whether this was a record. Yes, PYU is having its James Holzauer moment. (I know I name-dropped him recently, but I didn’t want to say Michael Larson, because he cheated.) To put that total into perspective, here are the winning totals from the seven seasons the game has been in its current format:

  • 2019, undercoverbull, 2856.61
  • 2018, jrjs, 2052.72
  • 2017, CarlZee, 1882.37
  • 2016, lrdnorman, 4816.37 (bullmartin was second with 4000)
  • 2015: gym399, 2625.53
  • 2014: RyanTSmith, 1662.22
  • 2013: LrdNorman, 1920.06

Only one player in seven years has won more units in a season than BullsOnParade96 won this week. Not bad for someone that lost his initial bankroll after six weeks, and had to hit the Sudden Death bet in Week 7 to get another 500 to play with. You know what game kept him alive? USF over Temple. The Bulls didn’t win, but they covered the point spread. Then he lost half of that on a big parlay (by four points on a Sun Belt game) and was down to 250 again, before hitting this game-changer:

Maryland +1300.0 money line to beat Penn State Maryland 35-19 248.00 WIN 3224.00

It was a bold all-in move, and it paid off. Maryland won that game easily, over a Penn State team that was a lot worse than anyone realized. That gave him enough of a bankroll to make more big parlay bets, and he’s been hitting at an amazing rate. Note also that his Western Kentucky-Charlotte parlay, which was voided when the game was temporarily cancelled, would have won too!

Gaze upon the standings in all their glory:

bullsonparade96 8744.41 4098.53
speruche 2883.88 -961.29
ElliotMoore 2255.46 34.30
E-dogg42 1960.08 -105.17
AnthonyVito 1181.64 -59.09
LrdNorman 1164.04 0.00
GaryStephen 1078.75 -6.00
briank19 992.89 0.00
Danj725 812.35 -202.27
UndercoverBull 789.75 -263.25
GibbsAK 784.62 0.00
dsidwell31 568.11 -92.80
ulhothot 537.95 -250.00
jjlovecub 515.00 -99.00
jrjs 175.13 0.00
McIntyre2K7 0.00 0.00
defdans 0.00 0.00

So what else happened? Oh yeah, everyone else had an absolute crap week. Take a look at the list of winning bets below, other than BullsOnParade96’s which were listed above:

ElliotMoore Indiana +480.0 money line to beat Wisconsin Indiana 14-6 50.00 WIN 240.00
E-dogg42 Under 10.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game; Over 51.5 points in the Syracuse-Notre Dame game; Under 70.5 points in the Louisiana-Monroe-Arkansas State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Number of Games Cancelled 9-0; Notre Dame 45-21; Arkansas State 48-15 25.00 WIN 150.00
E-dogg42 Under 10.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game; Under 69.5 points in the Western Carolina-North Carolina game; Over 54.5 points in the Boston College-Virginia game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Number of Games Cancelled 9-0; North Carolina 49-9; Virginia 43-32 25.00 WIN 150.00
dsidwell31 Ohio State -22.0 points over Michigan State; Clemson -22.0 points over Virginia Tech (WIN,WIN) Ohio State 52-12; Clemson 45-10 22.00 WIN 57.20
anthonyvito Over 48.0 points in the Texas A&M-Auburn game Texas A&M 31-20 50.00 WIN 45.45
anthonyvito Under 45.0 points in the Indiana-Wisconsin game Indiana 14-6 50.00 WIN 45.45
GaryStephen Indiana +15.0 points over Wisconsin Indiana 14-6 44.00 WIN 40.00
ElliotMoore Virginia -6.0 points over Boston College Virginia 43-32 40.00 WIN 39.22
ElliotMoore Miami (FL) -14.0 points over Duke Miami (FL) 48-0 40.00 WIN 39.22
ElliotMoore Texas A&M -6.5 points over Auburn Texas A&M 31-20 40.00 WIN 36.36
ElliotMoore Louisiana +115.0 money line to beat Appalachian State Louisiana 24-21 30.00 WIN 34.50
Danj725 Under 60.5 points in the Miami (FL)-Duke game Miami (FL) 48-0 25.00 WIN 22.73
GaryStephen Southern California -12.5 points over Washington State Southern California 38-13 22.00 WIN 20.00
E-dogg42 Over 51.5 points in the Texas-Kansas State game; Over 57.0 points in the Liberty-Coastal Carolina game (WIN,VOID) Texas 69-31; Coastal Carolina 0-0 15.00 WIN 15.00
E-dogg42 Under 14.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game Number of Games Cancelled 9-0 16.31 WIN 14.83

That’s not just the bets that won over 50 units, which is the normal standard for being listed in the weekly wrap-up. That’s all the winning bets, of any amount. It was that bad a week for everyone else. Among those still in earth’s atmosphere, only ElliotMoore finished with a profit.

The cancellations bet undid a lot of people this week. After several weeks of the over coming in, this week had a mere 9 cancels (11 cancels and 2 new games). E-Dogg42 was the only player to take the under, which bottomed out at 10.5.

The list of games for Week 15:

Florida Atlantic at Southern Mississippi Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech Texas-El Paso at North Texas
Charlotte at Marshall Arizona State at Arizona Utah at Colorado
Nevada at San Jose State Alabama at Arkansas Miami (OH) at Bowling Green State
Wake Forest at Louisville Oklahoma at West Virginia Houston at Memphis
Western Michigan at Ball State Ohio at Kent State Northern Illinois at Eastern Michigan
Rutgers at Maryland Georgia at Missouri Minnesota at Nebraska
Michigan at Ohio State Illinois at Northwestern Alabama-Birmingham at Rice
Akron at Buffalo Navy at Army Coastal Carolina at Troy
Incarnate Word at Arkansas State Central Michigan at Toledo Texas at Kansas
North Carolina at Miami (FL) Michigan State at Penn State Purdue at Indiana
Wisconsin at Iowa Tennessee at Vanderbilt Cincinnati at Tulsa
Washington at Oregon Duke at Florida State Appalachian State at Georgia Southern
Boise State at Wyoming Louisiana Tech at Texas Christian Oklahoma State at Baylor
Louisiana State at Florida Auburn at Mississippi State Southern California at UCLA
Virginia at Virginia Tech Mississippi at Texas A&M Utah State at Colorado State
San Diego State at Brigham Young Stanford at Oregon State Fresno State at New Mexico
California at Washington State Nevada-Las Vegas at Hawaii

There are 50 games total at the start of the week. The cancellations bet will be offered as has been customary for 2020.

We are entering the third-to-last week of the PYU season! This week; the games on December 19th which include conference championships, other games, and the first bowl game; and then bowl season proper.